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Wednesday, 22 June 2005

The 3 lamps, Crewe

The Three Lamps used to be a hotel and backs onto the Crewe Lyceum Theatre which was built in 1882. Originally there stood a Roman Catholic church which was built for the Irish immigrant who came to Crewe for the building of the railway network. The graveyard for the church was located at the side of The theatre and an original gravestone from this was found in the cellar. Many actors and audience members used to drink in the pub after a show. Unfortunately we do not have an exact date the pub was built, but it is located on the OS maps in 1756.


  • A Monk has been heard chanting while walking through a wall where a door used to be, which backs onto the Theatre.
  • the Landlord has been awoken to the sound of loud banging noises in the bar area.
  • A barrel moved on its own in the cellar.
  • The kettle boils dry and the microwave door opens in the kitchen.
  • Other staff members have also had experiences.
  • The landlady’s handbag disappeared and reappeared in the kitchen hanging next to the fly zapper in the kitchen.
  • Other items disappear or move around.
  • A shadow has been seen in the cellar.



Areas Investigated::The main bar area and the second and third floor accomodation.

Evidence collected:

EVP's x 2
  • Light anomolies
  • Team member called out for entitiy to do something for us..... the gas cylender then expired (it was half full and totally emptied) in the celalrs middle room, now this could only happen if someone was pulling a pint upstairs (no one was there).
  • Cellar door bangs shut (door is built form solid oak and is very heavy).
  • Conclusion

    We have performed 3 investigations to date at the 3 Lamps and there seems to be an unresfull entity there. Maybe this could be due to the fact that the pub has a very high turnover of landlords and this is having a negative effect on the property?


    15th September 2008 - Pub has now re-opend and has been re-named "Oscars". SA are planning a visit very soon.

    26 June 2008 - Pub is now closed again, this will have been the 4the time in 2 years.