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Wednesday, 22 March 2006

The Raven, Darnhall Nr Winsford

Located between Winsford and Church Minshall the pub was once a gamekeeper's lodge.


It is reported to have at least 8 ghosts, but the 2 who are most seen are both male and both called strangely enough ...TOM.

Old Tom haunts the main bar area and has been see sitting in a chair my the fireplace.
  • And then there is Young Tom who is a teenage boy who died in the stairs accending to the accomodation floor.


Ares investigated:

  • main bar areas
  • Function room at rear of property.

Most of the evening did not pruduce any activity whatsover. THEN the team decided to do one more session in the main bar which produced polterguise activity. The team positioned themselves at at able close to thefireplace. On calling out, the oweners dog started to bark frantically in the location of the door which gave access to the stairs. Something flew the air and hit the fireplace. On close inspection it was found to be a George v old penny dated 1926 (see image below).

Saturday, 11 March 2006

The Brighton Bell, Winsford

This pub was originally called the Railway Hotel but the property started its life as a farm. This location was the scene of a train crash in April 1948. A soldier realised that the train was not stopping at his designated stop, he pulled the communication cord, slowed the train down and jumped off. Meanwhile the City of Notingham locomotive was fast approaching and collided with the train. many injured passengers were given shelter in the pub and homes close by.


Staff have reported the feeling of being watched.
Glasses have moved across the bar on their own.


Areas investigated:

main bar area, dinning room and function room.

Evidence collected:
  • Chair fell off a bench.
  • Audible 'a growl' and a 'sigh'.
  • Rattling of bottles behind the bar.
  • Shadows seen along the bar wall.
  • Corridor to the kitchen had a negative feeling to it.

Considering the pub had been witness to this terrible train accident we did expect to get a little more activity Some of the finding could be accounted for natural phenomena.