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Saturday, 1 December 2007

The Leopard, Burslem

This was once known as The Savoy of the midlands. It is over 300 years old. The building started life about 1640 when some cottages were knocked together. Helen Wedgewood took the building over in 1740. She turned it into a hotel and public house. The pub was bought in 1872 by James Norris when the building was in decline. He renovated the building and an extension was added in the early `1900’s. Another 57 bedrooms were added, so that made 102 rooms over 6 floors.This ex Grand Hotel now has derelict rooms, 58 bedrooms have just been reopened after being sealed up between 1931 and the 1950’s. Tunnels have been found in the cellar.


  • Leigh is said to walk the cellars. She was the local witch.
  • Mary, an owner from the mid 1800’s
  • A mudered woman who had her throat cut by the tall gentleman.
  • A sinister tall man with a goatie beard
  • Drunken, ugly old woman in the cellars.
  • A man named James walkes the building
  • Children in the cellar.
  • Poltergeist activity e..g. Bricks and glasses thrown at customers.
  • Physical attack e.g. People have been held by their throats against walls.
  • A pack with the devil.


Areas investigated
  • Main bar areas
  • Outer extension now derelict.
Evidence collected

  • Polterguise activity in dissused area.
  • Audubles "I have done nothing"
  • Orbs

This was an organised event. We deffinately felt that the location warranted another visit and that the location had paranormal activity.