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Wednesday, 26 July 2006

The White Lion, Barthomeley

The Inn dates from 1614. Prior to the 19th century this building was used as an office for John Crewe to collect rents and by clerk’s for the parish it was sometimes referred to as the Clerk’s Cottage. Across the road towards the Church steps there was also another Inn called The Punchbowl but this was demolished 1867. Inside the churchyard was also a school. The church was the site of a famous BARTHOMELY MASSACARE. On Christmas Day 1643 Royalists surrounded the church in the village, which was occupied by at least 12 Parliamentarians. The Cavalier soldiers set the building alight then stabbed or slit the throats as they ran out.

  • Figures have been seen in and outside of the building.
  • Objects move.
  • Doors slam shut.
  • Rapping's on the font door.
  • A large dog is said to haunt the lane close to the village hall (the old rectory drive)
  • A woman in white walks the church field.
  • Randle of Crewe is said to walk the third floor of the rectory until it was demolished.

Evidence collected
  • A couple of orb photo's
  • Possible photo of mist?


This is without a doubt an outstanding building, a great pub which has a fabulous history attached to it. Unfortunately on this occasion we did not experience anything 'paranormal'.