We only indicate the CLEAR facts and figures of each individual case and our conclusions.

Thursday, 26 July 2007

The Sweatnham Arms

The Swettenham Arms dates from the 16th century and was once a nunnery. It was used as a resting place for weary funeral parties to stay overnight. The coffin would stay in the Inn overnight and the next day, it would be taken to the churchyard via an underground tunnel.This tunnel was blocked up many years ago because of the foul air.

  • Sarah is the reported ghost. She is 35 years old, black hair and looks sad. She is said to be a nun.


Areas investigated

  • Main bar areas
  • The woods behind the pub

Evidence collected

  • EVP's x4
  • Few orb photo's


Nothing out of the ordinary happened here. The EVP's were very feint and you could not make out what was being said.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Stanley Palace, Chester

Stanley Palace is a 16th Century Grade II listed building located in Chester. Formerly called Derby House, it stands on, or near, the site previously occupied by the Dominican Friars (The 'Black Friars') in medieval times. In the second world war Stanley Palace was a place of recreation for the armed forces that were stationed in Chester. a second world war army officer was in command of the entertainment.

  • Low murmurings have been heard together with illogical happenings.
  • Elizabeth, Sir Peter Warburton's daughter died in her Black Friers home in 1627. On two occasions her presence has been observed.
  • A lady attending a social function at StanleyPalace noticed a man dressed in a fashion to that worn by servants in the 17th century, pass her in the foyer and enter the Queen Anne room.
    Over the years footsteps have been heard in the Gallery
  • A girl was frightened by an old man with a walking stick,who swore at children and gave chase waving his stick.
  • Upstairs by the staircase entrance to the Gallery, one paranormal group a noticed figure of a gentleman, dressed in the uniform.
  • At the far end of the Gallery a grey haired lady has been seen playing the piano and seamed to have a preference for Brahms.
  • A King Charles spaniel.
  • The Upper floors were suppose to be haunted by children.

Areas investigated
  • Mainly the upper floors
  • Master staircase
  • Function room
Evidence collected
  • Few orbs nothing concrete.


It is good to attend organised events (if they are cheap enough and not a rip off) just to see how other people conduct investigations, organise the evenings events, look at the equipment they use and chat to like minded people. Unfortunately in this case we felt that there was a LOT of suggestion being put to the 'punters'. There was suppose to be a very angry entity that haunted the main staircase, a lot of hype was attached to this to the extent that some people were getting hysterical. There was in fact nothing on the staircase, but i suppose they may feel people won't get their moneys worth if they don't go away with some sort of fear factor. I also felt the venue was far too Small for a large group of people (in this case about 30).