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Friday, 25 May 2007

Doncaster Air Museum

This was The site of the former RAF Doncaster. The main part of the site has been developed into a leisure and housing, but the north western corner is home to the Aeroventure. The airfield was a pre-war civil airfield which was commandeered by the RAF at the outbreak of WW2. Its most well known inhabitant was 271 squadron. The airfield also became associated with Dakotas and many of these were repaired at the airfield during the war.The museum has a large collection of aircraft and helicopter (non from WW2). It also displays WW2 uniforms and artifacts and photographs of the site history.


  • Ghostly footsteps, strange low whispers and the laughter of children.
  • A specific aircraft (from the Falklands war) that has an unpleasant feeling about, the story goes that it is the pilot of this craft who does not like people in/around the aircraft.
  • The Mess Hall corridor, at the end there is a book. This book has its pages turned over but 'something' always turns to a certain page.

Areas investigated

  • The Fast Response building. Originally it had four bedrooms for Pilate's. The planes were located immediately outside. It was used in the 1970's - 80's during part of the cold war
  • The Board Room and adjacent hallway.

  • Main Hanger (original from WW2)
Helicopter which saw action in the Falklands War.

Evidence collected

  • Orb photo's
  • Video of strange anomaly? (see main blog page)
  • EVP (recorded on camcorder) from the corridor next to board room

What a fabulous location to investigate. Our team genuinly felt that the museum is haunted.