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Thursday, 4 October 2007

The Knights Grange, Winsford

The Grange appears under this name for the first time in 1325/6 as the Grange of Knytes. These were young men working on the farm. They were labourers rather than scholars and they had not taken there full vows.
Lady Mary Cholmondeley (1563-1625) bought the property and she built the brick mansion you see today. The old farmhouse is now a fully licensed public house and what is left of the out buildings form a sports centre.


  • Ida (a nun) has been seen sitting on a chair by the front door.
  • After closing time the landord has heard tables and chairs moving downstairs across the stone floor .
  • A woman has been seenon the first floor of the building.
  • Shadows have been seen in variouse parts of the building.
  • A customer’s dog (early 2007) would not stop growling at the fireplace in the lounge.
  • Pool balls move on their own.

Areas investigated
  • Loft compartment
  • Main bar areas
  • 2nd floor accommodation

Evidence collected

A figure standing by the patio doors located in area 1 . This figure was described as a hooded cloaked figure and their cape was flowing as if the wind had caught it. Kath checked out the are and nothing was found. When she returnd to her location (in the pool room) the figure could be clearly see again.


With the exception of the above nothing conclusive was found here.