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Saturday, 18 November 2006

The Boot and Slipper, Wettenhall

This is a black and white 17th century building. It has now been extended. It was first know as The Boot and Slipper but was changed to The Royal Oak during the late 1870’s to 1880’s. It was then changed back to The Boot and Slipper. Before the extension, part of the pub was a house. Ray, an ex landlord use to live in the house while working in the pub with his family.

  • 2 men have been seen in the pub, both are thought to be ex landlords.
  • Cellar doors slams shut.
  • Doors open and close, staff names are called out. Noises heard in main bar early in the morning, when owner investigated, the empties bin had been moved and a bottle of scotch smashed on the floor.
  • Staff have seen a man sitting in the corner of the bar area.


Areas investigated:

  • main bar area and the cellar

Evidence collected:

  • Audibles 'murmuring'.
  • Door leading to the new dinning room locked itself.
  • EMF reading very high in the archway in the main bar.
  • Shuffling noises in the cellar.
  • Rapping's in the cellar.


Although witnesses have reported a large amount sighting in this pub, but although we experienced small amounts of activity we cant categorically say that the pub is haunted.