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Friday, 21 September 2007

The Gym, Winsford

It is believed to have been first built in the 1780’s, but the plaque shows that most of this building dates from 1822. This chapel was became a Sunday school in the 1870’s – 1890’s and a new extension was added. The corridor was added in the 1990’s and it was converted into a gym in 2002.

  • Objects move around.
  • Power would turn off.
  • Shadows have been seen on the stairs leading to the first floor flat, bottom of
    the stairs leading to the first floor gym and by the large weight machine.
  • Smell of fire and wet dog in the middle room by the large mirrors.
  • The hatch door leading to the attic opens.
  • Feeling of being watched from the stairs leading to the first floor flat
  • Jason (the owner) was pinned to his bed in the flat.
  • The threadmills switch on as if some one is standing on them. They also show.
  • A heartrate. This can only happen if you hold the silver handles.
  • Areas Investigated
  • Main gym area.
  • First floor gym.
Evidence collected
  • Movement was seen on the stairs going up to the first floor room, a bang was heard shortly afterwards and was recorded on the Digital recorder.
  • Digital recorders wrere turning on and off.
  • Other loud bangs.
  • Cold spots on stairs going up to living quarters.
  • Gill felt cold breath on her face when we were having a conversation about a minister who worked here.
Very disappointing after such a good start, but we think if the owner had stayed, more things would have happened. The activity (if you wish to call it that) seemed to happen around him. Very enjoyable night and a second visit is in the pipeline.