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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Crewe Heritage Centre

The museum is located at the rear of a the Tesco superstore, in the old LMS railway yard for Crewe Railway Station.

It was originally named 'The Railway Age' and on its initial opening was a great success for the town. Unfortunately the centre fell into decline until new management was installed in late November 2007.

The museum is now undergoing extensive renovations.

It has three signal boxes. The largest being the North Signal Box (see photo right).

The main exhibit of the museum is the BR Class 370 APT now undergoing restoration and upgrading. The main exhibition hall features many trains, carriages and exhibits, including the exhibition of a LNWR Travelling post office (TPO) coach and assorted Royal Mail Exhibits . The investigation was an initial recce for a possible future charity event.


Most activity was reported in the North Signal Box.


Areas investigated

The North Signal Box
  • BR Class 370 APT train
  • LNWR Travelling post office.
  • Main exhibition area

Evidence collected

Activity in the lower section of the North signal box. The EMF meter was responding to questions.
  • Spirit lights were reported.
  • IR Video of Orbs in the Traveling Post Office.
  • Feeling of the carriage moving from side to side.
  • Footsteps and voices in the main exhibition hall.

Our team felt that there maybe 2 areas of paranormal interest. We agreed that another recce vigil should performed in order to substantiate a definite paranormal activity is present before giving the thumbs up for a charity event. All the incidents experienced could be rationalised.

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