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Friday, 13 June 2008

The Star, Acton by Nantwich

The Star has a very colourful history attached to it. This Inn dates back to either the late 16th century or early 17th century. Its earlier name was The Stirrup Cup or House. I do have a list of some of the old landlords of The Star but not from its earlier name. This old coaching inn still has the mounting block outside and although it has been extended and altered over the years, it’s still true to a very fine country inn. It was reported that Lord Byron's head of command gathered here the evening before the legendary Battle of Nantwich.

  • Lady in white who walks through the original part of the bar.
  • A sinister presence on the 2nd floor, dark shadows, doors opening on their own.
  • a man died in the bar area.
  • Male presence in the bar area (it is thought it is an old landlord).


  • Present landlord Jim, cellar light turned on when he was in the cellar, the door from the bar was locked and know one else was with him.
  • Liz (Landlady) experienced 'something' pass
    behind her which blocked the bar light off.
  • Gill (SA team member) took the following photo in the dining room when interviewing Jim. This was also very close to where Liz had her experience.

  • June 1st - Jim reported that one of the pumps in the cellar had been turned off. He commented that he NEVER turns the pumps off at any time. On inspection by us the switch was not loose and could not have been accidentally knocked off.


Areas Investigated::

The main bar area and the second floor accomodation.

Evidence collected:

  • EVP's x 4
  • Dark shadow which was experienced by all present.
  • Partial manifestation of man leaning against the bar. He had a flat cap and white shirt on.
  • Loud bang at bar area.
  • Red streek of light which was witnessed by 2 people present.
  • Knocks on request.
  • Dowsing- Layline passes through the corner if the property, and possible portal/vortex.
  • Cold spots (althought there was a skylight above us that could rule of this.
  • Extensive 'spirit light' activity.

Upper floor accommodation - During the early evening walk round, Steve and Jacquie reported that as soon as they turned into the corridor, there was a strong feeling of something/one in the corridor. When they dowsed the area, that feeling remained so we were certain we would see or hear something during our vigils.

Also on dowsing the upper floor, it revealed a lay line cutting across the corner of the property emitting from the far right room (front of property). And a high energy field was located close to the bathroom. When we moved upstairs for the later vigil, the corridor that had originally felt foreboding, now felt calm, and noting was recorded here.

Ground floor bar areas - The main bar felt peaceful and quiet. It was all together different when we moved to the adjacent front bar and rear room. Immediately, the room felt busy, like a party atmosphere, or as you would expect a busy bustling pub.

EVP’s were also recorded in here and all people reported a moving dark shadow that seamed to circle the table. Kath witnessed a partial apparition at the bar mainly head and shoulders of a man standing, leaning against the bar with a flat cap. moustache and white shirt.

Cold blasts were felt at the rear bar vigil but on inspection a skylight was located and so this could rule out the feeling of cold air.

We are certain the Star DOES have paranormal activity, and think a second visit would be worth while.

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